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23. 01. 2011


20. 01. 2011

Welcome 2011

28. 03. 2009

pictures album release party

there are some pics from the album release party in the pictures section.

thanx to toemu!


20. 03. 2009

"cartagena, colombia"

you can order our new album "cartagena, colombia" directly from these shops:



--> itunes

or from our label


16. 03. 2009

album of the week at radio station canal 3

"cartagena, colombia" is the album of the week at radio station canal 3.

tune in and listen to our brand new songs! you can also win cd's and tickets for staurday's show.

thanks a lot for your great support!


09. 03. 2009

greenfield festival voting

hello folks!

we'd like to play at this year's greenfield festival, but we need your help!

go to:

and make friends with them saying: "I want carnation."

if we get lots of votes we enter the semi-finals... and you never know, maybe we'll play in front of thousands of people...

so, don't hesitate and vote for us! and tell all your friends to vote for us!

love, cheers and a big thank you!


03. 02. 2009

roboclip / caribana festival


our video can now be seen on sf2's show 'roboclip'.

you can watch the video on roboclip; but, please, don't forget to vote for it!

and we are very happy if you give us your vote for the caribana festival
--> vote here!

cheers, have a good week!

29. 01. 2009

new album

hello folks!

it's about time for an update!

soon, there's going to be something to hear, see and feel!

our single "face the blues" is out on feburary, 13th. at the same time comes the video to the song.

one month later, march 13th, the album "cartagena, colombia" hits the stores.

there's one more date you have to mark in your agenda: saturday, march 21st will be our launch show at bienne's finest rock'n'roll club étage - st.gervais.

and by the way: in our records section you can pre-listen the new songs.

more news, details, pictures and footage will follow on this site. stay tuned!


13. 11. 2008

back from NYC / new album

hello folks

we're back in switzerland. our trip to new york was just phenomenal. 
more details and some pictures will follow real soon.

we're now mixing our new album, all we can say: the first ones we did 
sound amazing. the album will be released next spring. at this time, 
we're rehearsing the new tunes, therefore, we're not going to play any 
gigs this year... with one exception though: thursday, 4th of december 
we will play a little accoustic show at bern's indie-club "ono". make 
sure to be there!

that's it for the moment, stay tuned!

love 'n' peace

11. 07. 2008

pictures from open air rüti

there are some new pictures in the picture section from the open air rüti.


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